5 Reasons that Why Your PC May Take A Long Time to Shut Down

Posted by Britt Duncan - August 26, 2014

Numerous users may find that it is irritating to wait for their PCs to shut down as the machine keeps displaying rotating ring and gets stuck at the shutdown window. There are various reasons for the slow shutdown and your PC may have try to tell you that. Make sure you read those signs correctly and avoid shutting down the machine forcibly for that it may lead to file missing issues or boot-up failure. This post is going to list possible reasons causing slow shutdown performance on your machine and show you how to fix them. Please read on.


question-mark1. Unsaved Files or Opening Programs

You may notice that a warning is displayed on the screen, remind you of activate programs or files. Windows provides you a option to shut down the PC compulsively. However, Windows will close your unsaved files and programs before it shuts down. You may lose your files and experience program or Windows boot-up failure the next time you try to open it up. It is advised to click Cancel and close your files or programs first and then proceed.


question-mark2. Hard Disk Performance Issue

Over time, the PC hard disks may be full up with our daily activities of online browsing, video watching, file processing and more, which degrades the overall computer performance and the sluggish machine showdown may be a part of it. To ease the pressure on Windows, it is time to do a disk defragment to clear up some disk space. This will in return help to improve windows shutdown process. See the guide Clear up disk fragmentation to see detailed steps.

question-mark3. Overload of File in Internet Explorer


If the Internet Explorer is installed on your PC and the files are overloaded in temporary Internet files folder, extremely long shutdown time may happen suddenly.





One way to ease the pain is to delete cache files upon exiting of IE. To do that, Click Star -> Control Panel-> Internet Options.




After the Internet Properties dialogue box opens up, move to Advanced tab, scroll down the list to locate Security settings column. Find the Empty Temporary Internet File folder when browse is closed option and tick the check-box before it.


question-mark4. Page File Clear Settings In Windows Registry

Page File is a Windows that moves a part of your data from RAM to free some space for the system. That is to say, if your Windows PC has been set to clear page file at shutdown, it will take time to do so during PC shutdown and therefore keep you waiting. To change this setting, press Win + R keys together, type regedit and press Enter.


The registry editor will open up accordingly, expand following key : \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management


Locate the item ClearPageFileAtShutdown at the right panel and change its value to 0.



After that, you can close registry editor and reboot the computer to take effect and check the result.


question-mark5. Hybrid Shutdown Feature Issue


Windows 8 seeks to speed up boot-up time with Hybrid Shutdown feature, which hibernates the kernel part of system to accelerate the Windows loading process. This can reduce the time required to start up the machine, but it may result in shutdown issues as well. To turn off this feature, hit Win + Q to bring up search box, type power and select Change what the power buttons do from the search results.




Subsequently, the Power Options window will show up automatically. Move the end of the window to locate shutdown settings. Tick off the check-box before Turn on fast start-up (recommended) and click Save changes button.



These are common causes for slow shutdown issue. It is recommended to have a through check and fix instead of hitting the power button to shut down the computer forcibly. But, this will not fix the problem if your PC is under attack by viruses or malware. Once you notice that your computer takes forever to close while there are many unknown processes still running in the background, it’s better you perform a full scan first.

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